What is the meaning of the waqf?
  a) Language:
    Stop, Hold, Obstruct
  b) Religious Term :
    Waqf includes any property in which the waqf contributor has withheld the rights of any transaction, inheritance, grants and testaments while maintaining its physical resources for charity with the intention to draw oneself closer to Allah SWT.
Who Can Give Waqf?
Has reached puberty;
Of wise and sane mind;
Property to be donated should be fully owned by the waqf contributor;
Give waqf out of one's own volition without any coercion from anyone.
What are the scholars' views on cash waqf ?
  Cash waqf is ALLOWED ('harus').

(The 77thFatwa Committee of the National Council for Malaysian Islamic Religious Affairs which convened on April 10-12, 2007 at Primula Beach Resort, Kuala Terengganu - Waqf in cash form is allowed in Islam).
What is the minimum limit for joining the Perak cash waqf scheme (SWTP)?
  The minimum limit is RM1 for SWTP.
Whom is the Cash Waqf for?
  To elevate the socio-economic of the community in general and also to strengthen the brotherhood via the inherent nature of giving waqf and mutually helping one another among Muslims.
Is the public bound to opt for one waqf project only?
  No. Waqf contributors can choose more than one of any project that would be developed by MAIPk.
What are the benefits of waqf?
  Waqf is a form of property transaction that can beneficial and advantageous not only to the waqf contributor, but also to the recipient, the entire Muslim community and the government itself will also receive its benefits. In conjunction to this, the waqf contributor will be rewarded for performing 'alms deeds', the recipients and the public can enjoy the benefits of the property donated besides relieving the financial burden of the government in providing assistance and facilities for the community.
Is Waqf On Behalf of Other People Allowed?
  You can also give waqf on behalf of whomever you wish to whether for the living or the deceased.